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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – The Neurofeedback Remedy by Othmer S PhD, Othmer S BA Biofeedback Magazine, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp. 24–31 (2009) © Association for Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback:

The application of neurofeedback to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in returning veterans is described herein and is illustrated with two case histories. Initially, frequency-based electroencephalogram training was employed to promote functional recovery, in the manner of the traditional sensorimotor rhythm/beta approach. An optimization procedure was employed in which the reinforcement frequency is tailored to the client on the basis of symptom response, with particular regard for the regulation of arousal. READ FULL TEXT (PDF)

Recovery from PTSD: A Vietnam Veteran by Othmer S PhD

February 19, 2009 We have just experienced a remarkably quick recovery from PTSD symptoms in a Vietnam veteran. The case is illustrative of the more rapid pace of recovery that is achievable with the latest neurofeedback techniques that encompass the infra-low range of EEG frequencies. The veteran has had a forty-year history of PTSD, and was rescued from homelessness by the Salvation Army here in Los Angeles. He came to our offices for intensive neurofeedback training through the auspices of the Salvation Army. In exchange for our providing services at no cost, the veteran has allowed us to make his case history available for the benefit of other clinicians.READ FULL TEXT 



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