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EEG Biofeedback?

EEG Biofeedback is a learning strategy that enables persons to alter their brain waves.

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Theraputic use of Neurofeedback

An alphabetical listing of educational and research material about certain disorders and diagnosises.

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Neurofeedback Research

A vast amount of information regarding Neurofeedback, its uses, and the practical benefits.

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Neurofeedback has helped millions of children and adults to:

- Feel clear, calm, focused and alert
- Alleviate anxiety, stress and depression
- Be able to relax at will
- Have more physical, mental and emotional control
- Increase focus, productivity and positive thinking
- Improve self-esteem
- Relieve pain


Welcome to Psychological And Neurofeedback Center

Our office is an integrative center that applies neurofeedback to Performance Enhancement therapy, psychotherapy, sports psychology and neuropsychology. The Center offers cutting-edge treatments in a professional, comfortable, confidential environment where you can heal and grow.

In our office science meets therapy

Neurofeedback, also known as neurobiofeedback, is a form of therapy for your brain. It treats "brain disregulation," or an imbalance in the brain's electrical activity. In neurofeedback therapy, you learn to train your brain to re-balance its own electrical activity.

A few electrodes are placed on the patient's head with a small amount of conductive paste. The electrodes pick up the brain's electrical activity and transmit it to the clinician's computer. The patient's EEG, or a picture of the brain's electrical activity, is displayed by the clinician's computer. Meanwhile, the patient sits in front of a second computer which displays a game. The patient actually plays the computer game with his or her brainwaves. The clinician can modulate what frequencies will make the patient succeed in the game. Thus the patient's brain is trained to produce optimum types of brainwaves and not to produce undesirable ones.

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